High Performance Development for Urban Male Students!

Currently, African American males ages 16-64 have the lowest participation rate in the labor force(80%) compared to all other males and only 35% of Black men who finish high school pursue higher education.

Research supports education, employment and access to opportunities leads to positive future outcomes and public safety.

Kordero’s Dream M.V.P. (Man’s Valuable Purpose) Training Foundation is a 501c3, public charity, established to support the academic, civic and economic development of urban young men for their contribution to the betterment of society.

Founded upon the biblical principal, “train up a child in the way they should go …” , through MVP Training (HPD) – High Performance Development – urban middle and high school age young men gain a continuum of supports including positive connections, experiences, opportunities and skill development to maximize overall performance in life. 

M.V.P. Training – High Performance Development (HPD) includes:
Cognitive Skill Development 
Targeted Behavior Strategies
Behavior Modeling and Reinforcement

MVP Training consistently results in the increase of attendance, graduation, higher ed matriculation and employment rates for urban middle and high school age young men. Scholarships provided for young men who meet required performance criteria.

 Training Up Champions for Life!