High Performance for High Potential Young Men

Kordero’s Dream – M.V.P. (Man’s Valuable Purpose) Training, Inc. is a 501c3, public charity established to support the high potential  of urban young men for high performance in education, employment and economics to ensure their valuable contribution to society!

 M.V.P. Training is a premier PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) for urban middle and high school age young men. Rooted in Reality/Choice Theory, M.V.P. Training posits what we DO or don’t DO is key to getting what we want in life. M.V.P. Training drives the “DOing” process through ACTION-LEARNING workshops for skill development, PROJECT-BASED assignments for work-learning experience culminated by a 30-day PRACTICE-BASED work-plan for performance improvement and maintenance.

Urban middle and high school age young men learn positive behaviors and self-management techniques. They develop positive relationships and work-learning experiences for continued guidance, future opportunities and development.

M.V.P. Training consistently results in higher  GRADUATION, MATRICULATION, and EMPLOYMENT rates for urban young men. Scholarships available for young men who meet performance criteria.

 Training Up Champions for High Performance in Life!